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"Emma's Just Write for Middle Grade course illuminated my way forward with a novel I'd been struggling to complete for over a year. Thanks to the step-by-step approach of Emma's lessons, I now have a working draft. Each lesson breaks complex topics into applicable exercises that help a new writer internalize the tools successful writers use instinctively. It's been a revelatory fourteen weeks that I'm sad to see end."

Johnell D.

"The course digs deeply into every aspect of writing a middle grade novel or chapter book, and challenges the student to look more closely at their work and to work through things that they might never have considered otherwise. I know that *all* my writing and revision from this time forward will be better because of this course. Thank you, Emma!"

Beth S.

"The two things that made this course stand out for me are the methodical presentation of materials and the reusable worksheets...I found them extremely helpful in forming my thoughts and rethinking my chapter book. I have also started using the worksheets to plan my next chapter book."

Alayne Kay Christian

Award-winning children's book author

Just Write for Middle Grade Will Help You...

1. Learn the fundamental aspects of writing chapter books and middle grade novels.
2. Write a complete, submission-worthy chapter book or middle grade novel, and
3. Be on your way to submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers!
Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:
  • The differences betwen middle grade, chapter books and YA
  • How to develop your idea into a captivating story for middle grade readers
  • How to craft authentic, compelling characters who take an emotional journey
  • The keys to plot structure – Dramatic arc, pacing, tension, obstacles, action
  • Theme – providing a takeaway for readers without being preachy or didactic
  • Beginnings – the responsibility of the first chapter(s)
  • Narrative and character voice
  • Settings and worldbuilding
  • Chapters – scenes, events, hooks, beats, tension, obstacles, transitions, etc.
  • Subplots and Secondary Characters
  • Narrative Details – passive voice, backstory, infodumping, repetition, verbs, nouns, adjectives & adverbs, "content" (language, sex, etc.)
  • Endings – fulfilling the initial promise of your novel
  • Editing & Revision – How to edit your own work
  • PLUS, tons of bonuses including a comprehensive Editing Checklist, a Writer's Resource List, a Manuscript Submission Guide, and a $50 Gift Certificate toward any of Emma's award-winning editorial services.
    This self-paced course consists of 14 specific lessons in writing and editing your novel, with corresponding assignments and worksheets.
    In just 14 lessons, you will have a completed manuscript in hand, ready to submit to agents and publishers – and all from the comfort of your own home!

At universities like the one where Emma teaches, courses like this cost $1,500+

If you were to train with Emma one-on-one, the cost would be $5,500.

Just Write for Middle Grade gives you the exact same information

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