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Introducing Just Write for Kids!

Learn all the fundamental aspects of writing picture books for children, including:

             * How and where to find ideas
             * Developing characters, mapping a plot and identifying themes
             * Writing engaging narrative, effective dialogue, and successful beginnings, middles and endings
             * Special issues such as anthropomorphism, verse vs. prose and word play
             * How to edit your manuscript.... and more!
Write a complete, submission worthy manuscript, and bon your way to submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers!

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Emma Walton Hamilton's course on writing picture books is insightful, inspiring and wonderfully practical. Emma's depth of knowledge about the industry as well as her innate talent for writing children's books make her an invaluable resource to anyone who is interested in writing and publishing their own work."

Mariah B.

educator/author, USA

"Emma is not only a gifted writer, but she is a truly gifted teacher. In ultra clear step-by-step building blocks, she guides you through the style basics required to produce a publishable picture book in today's competitive literary world. For me the course was a personal journey of discovery full as much with inspiration as with information; a real gift."

Joanna M.


"Emma Walton Hamilton's class taught me an unbelievable amount during such a short time. She honed in on what is necessary for a successful children's book: structure, timing, how words and pictures can – or cannot – intensify one another. And, she's a pleasure to boot! Energetic, intuitive and accessible."

Amy P.


What the Course Includes...

Just Write for Kids is a self-paced, home-study course that consists of 8 specific lessons in writing and editing your picture book, with corresponding assignments and worksheets, as follows:
Lesson 1: What is a Picture Book?
    - Format
    - Structure
    - About Illustrations
Lesson 2: Ideas
    - Sources of Ideas
    - Has This Idea Been Done Before?
    - Developing Ideas
    - Writing a Series
Lesson 3: Character
    - Who's Your Hero?
    - The Prime Character Questions 
    - Character Journey 
    - Anthropormorphism
Lesson 4: Theme
    - What Do You Want to Say to Kids and Why?
    - Emotional Resonance
    - Point of View
    - Theme and Word Choice
Lesson 5: Plot
    - What's the Problem?
    - Plot Structure
    - Plot Sequence
    - Visual Interest
Lesson 6: Style
    - Voice
    - Tense
    - Verse
    - Beginnings
Lesson 7: Narrative Details
    - Dialogue
    - Show, Don't Tell
    - Language
    - Incorporating the Senses
    - Pacing
    - Endings
    - Titles
Lesson 8: Editing
    - Revision Strategies
    - Polishing
    - Submission Formatting
In just 8 lessons, you will have a completed manuscript in hand, ready to submit to agents and publishers – and all from the comfort of your own home!
In addition to the course itself, you will receive the following bonuses: 
   * Editing Checklist 
   * Children's Writer's Resource List
   * Manuscript Submission Guide
   * Unique opportunities to ask questions and share comments with Emma  
   * A $50 Gift Certificate toward any of Emma's editing services

At universities like the one where Emma teaches, courses like this cost $1,200+

If you were to train with Emma one-on-one, the cost would be $3,500.

Just Write for Kids gives you the exact same information

If you've been dreaming of this for a while...


If you long to make your mark in the children's book community, and touch the hearts and minds of the next generation...


If you'd love nothing more than to give your own children or grandchildren the legacy of a picture book written by you...


You can continue to wait and dream, or you can take a step toward making those dreams come true TODAY!

To your success!

Emma Walton Hamilton